NMCSC is a Non-Profit organization, set up wholly on a volunteer basis to promote Youth Soccer in North Mobile County and provide the facilities and direction to our young soccer players. All funds collected go to maintaining fields and facilities, and covering club expenses. Our coaches, mostly parents of our soccer players, all are volunteers with no monetary compensation for their time and efforts. Our newly opened concession stand operates at a minimal profit to help with expenses and help us add improvements such as our multi purpose building which includes bathrooms and storage, new goals, more developed fields and eventual lighting of a large area are also projects we would like to undertake.

    To do these things, we need help. Below are listed some area's of assistance that we are in need of;


1. COACHES - Always a need, and anyone can do it, it takes very little knowledge, just some time and effort. We can help with the knowledge, but we can't be everywhere at once.

2. FIELD MAINTENANCE - With the mower we own it takes 4 hours to cut the field. It takes 2 hours to paint and layout fields weekly. It takes time to kill ants. It takes time to add sand to low spots. It takes time.......


Please feel free to help in ANY way you can!